Welcome to “Caffeinated in Chicago”; thanks a latte for visiting! Virtually reaching my hand out to share yours, hello, my name is Elizabeth Bacharach.

12485888_10153974333143013_4337068525581043493_oI am a graduate student at Northwestern University’s Medill School of Journalism focusing on magazine writing and editing. This coffee-crazed blog is part of my fourth quarter (read: current and final quarter) course titled “Food Reporting.” Tasked with creating an online publication devoted to a food niche, I, obviously, chose coffee, of which I am certain composes 70% of my body. And I assert–to my mother’s chagrin–that the rest of me is 5% chocolate chip Cliff Bars, 5% Sour Patch Kids, 5% carrots and hummus, and 15% water (I have to give science some credit, since it does insist we’re mostly this liquid anyway).

But anatomical nonsense aside, feel free to join me on this adrenaline rush-ed adventure, as I scour the Windy City 10441059_10152966321198013_4669665984188305147_nfor its top roasts, beans and everything in between. I’ll admit, though, by “everything,” I very much mean “all the scones, muffins and sweet options the shops have to offer because I am always hungry.”
It’s just that”everything” rhymed and I’m a sucker for cadences.  After all, I did graduate with a major in English Literary Studies (and Spanish) from Bucknell University in May 2015.  There’s nothing quite like a cup of Joe and Jane Austen.

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And if coffee isn’t your cup of tea, and you actually like tea, feel free to say “Adios” to this site and visit my other digital extensions. Again to my mother’s chagrin, I am quite literally always on my phone.

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Now, time for a coffee break!


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